Hi, I'm Nathan. I'm a graphic designer with over ten years of experience crafting high-quality imagery, motion graphics, documents, exhibition stands, presentations, videos, van artwork, office artwork, etc etc.

I'm great with Creative Cloud, great at finding creative solutions and continually exploring emerging tech.

This site is a CV of sorts, but if you are interested in working on a project together please get in touch 🙂

Thing's I'm Doing

Freelance Graphic Design – Since 2013
Websites, van designs, corporate docs, motion graphics, card games; you name it.

Senior Graphic Designer – Bromford 
Creation of graphics, documents, POS and motion graphics, in the marketing team.

Thing's I've done

Graphic Designer – Bromford
Same as now really 🙂 For a different area.

Comms specialistSVHS
Multifunctional support in a comms team. A bit of app dev, website support, magazine production, video production and social media management.

Thing's I've learnt

The important part. I’m great with Creative Cloud. Through general use and formal training at various points in my career.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Multimedia 2:1

Graphic Design Work

I can provide a wide range of design support. Layout, visual identity or even just tidying up a presentation


Motion graphics are a powerful tool to convey ideas in a captivating way, plus they look nice and improve your social media posts.

Video editing

Got some footage and don't know how to turn it into a great video? I can help you to enhance your existing footage through the magic of ✨editing

Plenty more

Social media support? Virtual staging? Websites? Accessibility advice? Really a lot of things. If you're not sure, just drop me an email.

Portfolio and testimonials coming soon... when I'm less busy 🙂

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